The California 911 Operator Profession

California 911 Operators are responsible for responding to emergency calls placed by citizens or businesses. This job pays very well and offers a lot of benefits, which makes it very appealing to many people who want to be able to serve their communities and give help to those in need. When looking for a job, all applicants should look into the various requirements needed to become a California 911 Operator and find out what is required before applying for this position.

Training. Becoming a 911 dispatcher is no easy task. The training requirements differ depending on what type of California 911 operator position is wanted. Basic or operator training will get you a certificate that will give you the ability to answer basic questions relating to the operations of the California 911 system. To get more advanced training, you may work towards a CPO (Certified Professional Resume) and CPR certification which are essential to working as a California 911 operator.

Certification. Being certified is the next step and is required to work in California as an operator. To qualify, most states require CPR certification, and in some cases, EMT certification as well. These requirements can vary from state to state and depend on the type of emergency calls and the area in which the emergency occurs. For those who want to become full-fledged dispatchers, it’s important to obtain certification from the American Red Cross or the American Medical Response Association.

Knowledge. There are a lot of things which are not covered in training but are extremely important in making sure your customers can get the assistance they need in an emergency. A few basics about emergency procedures are good to know, like the steps to take if someone calls for help. As far as being able to work quickly, it’s also important to be able to react to a situation quickly. California 911 operators should be able to manage all callers with their knowledge of the system.

Work ethics. There is a difference between work ethics, which is required in emergency services, and those which are only required when working. Although you may not expect to have to learn any laws related to ethics while working, it is wise to become familiar with such laws. For example, most companies that provide emergency services require their employees to know EMT/CPR practices, and most will also have a code of ethics policy.

Knowledge and experience. Becoming a California 911 operator requires training and experience in the system itself. Therefore, potential operators must take refresher courses or learn about new changes to the system which are implemented regularly. This is especially important in areas like fire safety, which are constantly evolving due to technological advancements. If you’re planning on working outside of California then it is a good idea to check to see if your employer also provides training or refreshers for its employees on the system.

Knowledge and understanding of the system itself. It is important to know what kind of assistance the operator can provide to each caller, and how to deal with emergencies as they occur. In addition, knowing what to do if an emergency arises is also extremely important and should be taken into account.

The fact of the matter is that if you want to obtain the kind of job that California 911 operators work for, you will need to be prepared to put in some real work. While it doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to go through years of training and preparation to get the job, most companies prefer their employees to have a strong work ethic. People who show up on time, take their responsibilities seriously, and can handle any situation with professionalism will most likely thrive within the business. If you possess these characteristics, then you can rest assured that you will have no trouble getting a position with a California emergency medical system.

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