Bandits Butt Dial 911 While Planning a Restaurant Robbery

The incident began outside of a barbeque restaurant in Danville, Kentucky. According to a report in the Danville Advocate Messenger, David Grigsby and Robert Bourne were sitting in a parked car outside of Brother’s BBQ concocting a plan to rob the restaurant when one of the two men accidently butt dialed 911.

The 911 operator who received the call from one of the bandits listened in on the conversation and made a quick for call to one of the patrons inside who she knew was inside the restaurant at the time: Police Chief, Tony Gray.

Upon receiving the call, Gray and a few other law enforcement officers grouped up and searched the parking lot for the two men sitting outside.

“When we stepped out back to talk, the dispatcher was able to pinpoint the phone, and the call was coming from somewhere in the parking lot at Brothers. At that time, they located the two suspects sitting in the vehicle,” Gray said.

When the two were found, one of the men inside the car was still wearing the mask he was going to use to pull off the robbery.

“They were pulled out the vehicle and patted down, found a mask on one of the suspects …” Gray said. No weapons were found anywhere in the vehicle, he said.

Once caught, Grigsby and Bourne, who were having beer in the restaurant prior, were charged with public intoxication. According to reports, prosecutors are still thinking about the other charges that the men will face.

“At this point in time, they have probably been released and charged with some alcohol-related offenses. We will be letting the prosecutor listen to the tape to make a call on any further charges,” Gray said.

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