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911-operator.org is your one-stop resource providing those interested in becoming a 911 dispatcher, also know as a 911 operator, the opportunity to make informed decisions. Our goal is to provide up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive information for aspiring 911 dispatchers, or 911 operators, that not only addresses educational and credentialing requirements, but also helps set realistic expectations regarding salaries and career advancement.

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Emergency response teams prove to be most efficient and competent when 911 dispatchers handle calls with precision. The vital connection between informed and fully qualified dispatchers with effective emergency services provides an invaluable link that saves lives.

When callers in emergency situations contact 911 for an emergency situation, 911 dispatchers, or operators, are critical to finding quick and successful solutions. 911 dispatchers are emergency communications experts, making the essential connection between the callers who are experiencing emergencies and the emergency response units that remedy those emergencies.
how to become a 911 operator

Helping You Meet Requirements

The 911 dispatcher job requires an employee who is a mature and conscientious professional who is even-keeled and has great  communication skills. The dispatcher, or operator, should maintain expert level knowledge of emergency communication as well as dispatch systems at all times.

Agencies such as fire and police departments as well as sheriff’s offices and emergency call centers understand and recognize the immense value of education, training and experience when they seek candidates to work as 911 dispatchers. In becoming a 911 dispatcher, you will want to satisfy these requirements.

www.911-operator.org is devoted to offering an ongoing resource and guide that effectively takes you through the process of becoming a 911 dispatcher. This resource site was developed to provide aspiring emergency dispatch personnel with accurate, up to date and informative information on how to become the most competitive applicants possible. www.911-operator.org is an independent website that is not affiliated with any governmental organization.

We want you to succeed as a 911 dispatcher.