How to Become a 911 Dispatcher in Wyoming

Are you interested in how to become a 911 dispatcher in Wyoming? Becoming a 911 dispatcher in Wyoming, or a 911 operator in Wyoming, requires focus, determination, and the right education and training.

911 operator learning in Wyoming will involve a broad array of issues from vehicle mishaps and medical emergencies, to effective shots and forest fires.

A few of the bigger companies in Wyoming are the following:

  • Cheyenne 911 and Non-Crisis Communications Center
  • Gillette Communications Center

Wyoming 911 Dispatcher Training

Training is crucial for becoming a 911 operator in Wyoming. You will want to become the most qualified and professional dispatcher possible. You will want to have confidence in crises, be able to remain calm when dealing with callers in panic and be able to help remedy critical situations. Recently hired operators will be provided substantial 911 dispatcher training, and, as candidates, they will be stronger when gaining certification in the following types of subjects:

  • Emergency Medical Dispatching
  • Computer-Aided Dispatching (CAD)
  • Medical Assistance

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Wyoming 911 Operator Requirements

Wyoming 911 Operator Education

Having career goals that are long-term is important as you develop your career as a 911 Operator. Having a degree in the following areas can facilitate you greatly while demonstrating commitment to the field:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Fire Science
  • Communications
  • Law Enforcement
  • Psychology

Wyoming 911 Dispatcher – Fact & Figures

Seasoned dispatchers may apply for a position with the Cheyenne/Laramie County Emergency Management Agency’s Mobile Interagency Command Post, which will be an operations and dispatch center on wheels, capable of effective deployment to major events.

Wyoming 911 Dispatcher Salary

At any given time in Wyoming, there are close to 350 professional dispatchers working at locations throughout the state, with each one earning an average yearly salary of $37,560. Dispatchers frequently report their occupation to be challenging, but certainly satisfying in terms of knowing that they are saving lives.

911 Dispatcher Programs and Schools in Wyoming

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