How to Become a 911 Dispatcher in Virginia

If you are interested in how to become a 911 dispatcher in Virginia or a 911 operator in Virginia, we have some helpful information for you on your path.

911 dispatchers of Virginia save lives every day. The work, proving both challenging and rewarding, usually holds a starting salary of $35,000 a year.

The following are some of the major employers for 911 Dispatch:

  • Chesapeake Emergency Communications Center
  • Norfolk Department of Emergency Preparedness and Response’s Division of Emergency Communications
  • Chesterfield County Emergency Communications Center
  • Virginia Beach Crisis Communications

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Virginia 911 Operator Requirements

Virginia 911 Operator Education

Earning a degree that is related to the field can make you competitive as a candidate and put you in a position for long-term advancement. Here are some types of degrees that would benefit you:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Psychology
  • Homeland Security
  • Nursing
  • Communication
  • Emergency Management

The following are some of the agencies affiliated with education and training for 911 Dispatcher:

  • APCO: Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials
  • Dispatcher School of the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • CALEA: Commission of Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies

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Virginia 911 Dispatcher Training and Certification

The following represent some of the more important training/certification programs in the state of Virginia:

  • CPR
  • Telecommunicator Training Academy
  • On the job training for technology
    • Radio technology
    • GPS mapping systems
  • VCIN: Virginia Criminal Information Network
  • Emergency Medical Dispatch

Virginia 911 Dispatcher Salary

The men and women who serve the state of Virginia as 911 dispatchers are rewarded greatly for their contributions to the community. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average 911 operator in the state takes home $38,050 per year.

911 Dispatcher Programs and Schools in Virginia

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