How to Become a 911 Dispatcher in Rhode Island

If you are interested in how to become a 911 dispatcher in Rhode Island or a 911 operator in Rhode Island, we have some helpful information for you.

Rhode Island was one of only 2 states that supplied 911 services that are “enhanced,” and the very first state to do so.

The Enhanced 911 System of Rhode Island empowers 911 dispatchers to see the telephone number and caller’s address when are calling from a landline.

Cities are able to employ their chosen Fire Dispatchers, managing calls relating firmly to emergencies related to fire. Companies that utilize these “fire dispatchers” include the following:

  • Fire Department for Tiverton
  • Fire Department for Middletown
  • Fire Department for Warwick
  • Fire Department Communication Center for City of Cranston
  • Fire Department for City of Providence

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Rhode Island 911 Operator Education

Holding a high school diploma is the minimum for educational requirements for Rhode Island 911 dispatchers. Added instruction in a subject that is related is preferred, and may facilitate performance of responsibilities of the task. Cases of classes and helpful degrees for 911 dispatcher Rhode Island may include the following:

  • Emergency Management
  • Telecommunications
  • Public Security
  • Homeland Security
  • Computer Science
  • Criminal Justice

Rhode Island 911 Operator Requirements

Other conditions that need to be satisfied by Rhode Island 911 dispatchers involve the following:

  • Possess rapid and exacting typing abilities
  • Knowledge of software applications and computers employed by dispatchers
  • Might be asked to have 1-2 years of call dispatch expertise (depending on the company)
  • Be a minimum of 18 years old and a Rhode Island resident
  • Be a U.S. citizen

Rhode Island 911 Dispatcher Training and Certification

The majority of Rhode Island 911 dispatcher companies will mandate new dispatchers to become certified as EMD, EFD, or EPD (Emergency Medical Dispatcher, Emergency Fire Dispatcher, or Emergency Police Dispatcher). The IAED offers these important certifications (International Academies of Emergency Dispatch).

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Rhode Island 911 Dispatcher Salary

Those who work in the state of Rhode Island as a 911 dispatcher take home a well earned living for the services they provide those in their communities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average 911 operator in Rhode Island earns a yearly salary of $42,260.

911 Dispatcher Programs and Schools in Rhode Island

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