How to Become a 911 Dispatcher in Oklahoma

If you are interested in how to become a 911 dispatcher in Oklahoma or a 911 operator in Oklahoma, we have some helpful information for you.

The 911 Advisory Board for Oklahoma is in charge of managing operations and the development of the emergency 911 systems throughout Oklahoma. The Board’s aims and objectives involve:

  • Procuring resources for the development of local (PSAPs) Public Safety Answering Points
  • Procuring and directing grants and public funds
  • Upholding best practices through a database
  • Supporting information sharing for PSAPs
  • Enlarging enhanced 911 service to each phone user in the state
  • Supporting technology and equipment sharing
  • Assisting PSAPs with implementing wireless technology

The biggest PSAPs in Oklahoma include:

  • Comanche County E-911 Dispatch Center in Lawton

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Oklahoma 911 Operator Requirements

Oklahoma 911 Dispatcher Training

By completing a primary length of training performed by the State Board of Education a person may obtain certification. This plan should contain:

  • At minimum of 40 hours of training or education
  • Training or educational units in:
    • Powerful communication abilities
    • Emergency service telecommunicator obligation
    • Phone techniques
    • Managing suicidal and hysterical callers
    • Fire service language
    • Techniques were broadcast by radio
    • Catastrophe preparation
    • Police officers fire survival or emergency medical service scene security, or a blend of the two

    Oklahoma 911 dispatchers are mandated to complete a minimum of 8 hours of education coursework that is continuing to keep up their certification.

    The course for telecommunicator training is offered roughly 8 times annually through several vocational education facilities.

    Joining reputable professional organizations can be a great idea.

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    Oklahoma 911 Operator Education

    Although not a mandate for Oklahoma 911 dispatcher jobs, many people choose to complete a two-to-four year school program in one of the following, or something closely related:

    • Homeland Security
    • Public Security
    • Computer Science
    • Communications
    • Emergency Management

    Oklahoma 911 Dispatcher Certification

    These certifications must be obtained and kept active by all 911 operators in Oklahoma:

    • CPR
    • Emergency Medical Dispatch
    • Oklahoma Law Enforcement Telecommunications Terminal Operator

    Your Career as an Oklahoma 911 Dispatcher

    People that have set their sights on 911 dispatcher jobs in Oklahoma must ensure that they satisfy the minimal conditions for employment.

    Certain desired qualities of 911 dispatchers in Oklahoma are listed as follows:

    • Successful social abilities and oral communication
    • Power to stay composed in situations that are stressful
    • Capability to follow written and verbal directions
    • Power to make choices that are expedient and crucial
    • Skill to use computer terminals
    • Power to extract info from irrational or irate people

    Candidates should be able to pass a data entry abilities evaluation before being hired as 911 operators, and chosen candidates should have the ability to pass a polygraph, psychological test, drug screen, and a thorough background investigation.

    Oklahoma 911 Dispatcher Salary

    In the state of Oklahoma, 911 dispatchers earn an excellent salary for the work that they do for those in their communities. In the state of Oklahoma, a general 911 dispatcher earns $30,090 per year.

    911 Dispatcher Programs and Schools in Oklahoma

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