How to Become a 911 Dispatcher in Nevada

If you have been searching for how to become a 911 dispatcher in Nevada or a 911 operator in Nevada, we have compiled some important information.

Most emergency dispatch jobs are located within the police departments in the state’s bigger cities, such as the following:

  • Las Vegas: population over 1 million and tons of visitors every year.
  • Henderson: is the 2nd largest city, with over 280,000 people.
  • Reno: about the same size as Henderson.

Job Duties and Requirements of 911 Dispatchers in Nevada

When searching for a 911 dispatcher job, it is best for the applicant to directly contact the municipalities that are hiring. Though standards for each municipality are comparable, there are some variances along the way.

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The following represent many of the requirements for Dispatch Specialist in Las Vegas:

  • Knowledge of call screening techniques
  • Acquaintance with basic criminal and civil law
  • Familiar with Las Vegas geography
  • Familiarity with radio-telephone processes and procedures
  • Comfortable utilizing databases such as the following: NCIC, RANGE, NCJIS
  • Must have a typing certificate that is valid
  • Must demonstrate ability to type a minimum 0f forty-five words per minute

Nevada 911 Operator Education

Some notable education and degree programs provided by Nevada universities that will help prepare the applicant for 911 dispatcher work are as follows.

  • Nursing
  • Communications
  • Pre-Med
  • Pre-law

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Nevada 911 Operator Requirements

Nevada 911 Dispatcher Certification

Nevada allows local municipalities to set qualifications for emergency dispatch employees. There are not any statewide permits or requirements for certification.

It is wise to keep in mind certain special certifications that can make one truly competitive through their career as a 911 dispatcher:

  • The Red Cross certification prepares the candidate with guiding over the phone with CPR instructions.
  • The Criminal Justice Information Services certification empowers the candidate to work effectively with certain databases (criminal justice).
  • The Emergency Medical Dispatch certification is provided through the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch.

Nevada 911 Dispatcher Salary

In the state of Nevada, people who serve their communities as 911 dispatchers bring home an excellent living for their service. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average 911 operator in the state earns $57,760 per year.

911 Dispatcher Programs and Schools in Nevada

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