How to Become a 911 Dispatcher in Massachusetts

To become a 911 dispatcher in Massachusetts, you will need to first complete the proper education and training as requested by the state. Here, we have outlined the requirements for you.

Massachusetts 911 Dispatcher Training

911 dispatcher companies in Massachusetts generally demand that new hires complete a required training course, training for new hires will cover the following with some variation depending on the department:

  • Complete a Basic Public Safety Telecommunications Class that lasts 40 hours
  • Complete a 12 hour Criminal Justice Information Systems Certificate
  • Complete Suicide Prevention Training for 4 hours
  • Complete an EMD Certificate lasting 24 hours
  • Complete an 8 hour CPR Certificate Course
  • Complete Standard Criminal Law for Telecommunicators

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Law enforcement agencies in Massachusetts generally provide crisis dispatch through the state departments.

Below is a list of some of the largest employers of Massachusetts 911 operators:

  • Worcester Department of Communications
  • Barnstable County Sheriff’s Section in Falmouth
  • Boston Fire Department in Boston
  • Boston Police Department in Boston
  • Lowell Police Department in Lowell
  • Cambridge Emergency Communications in Cambridge
  • Townsend Police/Communications Department in Townsend
  • Hopkinton Police Department in Hopkinton
  • Massachusetts State Police in Framingham
  • Springfield Fire Department in Springfield
  • Springfield Police Department in Springfield

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Massachusetts 911 Operator Requirements

Massachusetts 911 Operator Education

In some cases, all you will need to become a 911 operator in Massachusetts is a high school diploma or its equivalent. But, to have an advantage in terms of employment and career advancement, you should look into receiving further education and certifications.

Some degrees that have been proven to be useful as as 911 dispatcher include:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Legal Studies
  • Human Resources
  • Emergency Management
  • Telecommunications

Certifications that are useful include:

  • Radio transmissions
  • Human Behavior
  • Emergency Dispatching
  • Telecommunications

Massachusetts 911 Dispatcher Salary

In the state of Massachusetts, 911 dispatchers earn a competitive yearly salary for the crucial services they provide to their community. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average Massachusetts 911 operator earns $44,860 per year.

911 Dispatcher Programs and Schools in Massachusetts

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