How to Become a 911 Dispatcher in Indiana

Those looking to become 911 dispatchers in Indiana will need to complete the training and educational requirements set by the state to receive employment.

Employment prospects in the state have been on the rise with the Department of Workforce Development stating that 911 dispatcher employment will rise through the year 2020. This rise will come with an increase in population since there will be an increased demand for those responding to emergency calls. In any given year, there can bee around 2,500 people in the state of Indiana employed as emergency dispatchers.

Some of the largest employers of 911 dispatchers includes:

  • Evansville City/Vanderburgh County Joint Department of Central Dispatch
  • Fort Wayne-Allen County City-County 911 Dispatch Center
  • Indianapolis Metropolitan Communications Agency

Indiana 911 Operator Education and Training

As well as 911 dispatcher training, aspiring 911 dispatchers can looking to increase their education through college degree programs and course work. Although there are a few majors that will help you with the responsibilities of the position, some of the more useful ones include:

  • Emergency Management
  • Communications
  • Psychology
  • Criminal Justice

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Indiana 911 Operator Requirements

As of recently, the Indiana Department of Public Safety recently spent $10 million to revamp their computer dispatch system so that it will include a social media aspect. For this and other reasons, it is valuable to have extensive knowledge of how computers work, this way when you are on the phone with someone in an emergency there will be no hesitation in your actions.

Indiana 911 Dispatcher Certification

Those looking to boost their resume with education in training can take advantage of the certificate programs listed below. By having the right combination of education and training, you will be able to find employment and career advancement in the field. Some useful certifications include:

  • 911 Telecommunications Certification
  • APCO Certification
  • EMD Certification

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Indiana 911 Dispatcher Salary

In the state of Indiana, 911 dispatchers take home a strong salary for the hard work they put into helping those in their community. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average 911 operator in the state of Indiana brings home $33,470 each year.

911 Dispatcher Programs and Schools in Indiana

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Choose your area of study and receive free information about programs you are interested in. 911 dispatchers can benefit greatly from degrees in public safety, emergency management, homeland security, and criminal justice. Request information from multiple programs to make an informed decision on the best program and educational opportunity for you!